Denjiro Okochi as Tange Sazen

The previous post discussed the art of Jidaigeki in 1920s. Here are two more rare film clips of Denjiro Okochi.

Zoku Ooka Seidan, Mazo, Kaiketsu-Hen (続大岡政談 魔像 解決篇, 1931)
Directed by Daisuke Ito, cinematography by Hiromitsu Karasawa, this film is another variation of popular “Shin-Ban Ooka Seidan” trilogy. Pretty graphic.
(大菩薩峠 鈴鹿山の巻 壬生島原の巻, 1936)
Based on the popular novel of the same title by Kaizan Nakazato, the film revolves around the character of Ryunosuke Tsukue (Daijiro Okochi), a psychopathic serial murderer in the last decades of Edo era. Made into film many times, the most popular today is the version with Raizo Ichikawa. Here, Okochi plays the character of the bottomless darkness, haunted by the ghost of souls he had killed (I guess). The original was with soundtrack, but this 70- seconds fragment, the only surviving material is silent. Directed by Hiroshi Inagaki (Samurai Trilogy).
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