Sometime ago, I posted the LITTLE LORD FAUNTRELOY advertisement page from an ancient Kinema Jumpo and the leaflet I found between its pages. Here are some other pages from the same issue.The top image is the advertisement for RUPERT OF HENTZAU (1923), adaptation of Anthony Hope’s novel. Lewis J. Selznick produced this sequel to PRIZONERS OF ZENDA, directed by Victor Heerman, starring Lew Cody and Claire Windsor. It seems that no print of this film has survived. Here is the still of the film, from “A Pictorial History of the Silent Screen”.

According to the ad, Selznick gambled on this film, even ready for bankruptcy if this film fails. Well, his company went bankrupt in 1925. By the way, the film was released through Shochiku in Japan, and at the time of this ad, they were still looking for the appropriate Japanese title for this film.

This film is more obscure. TRUST YOUR WIFE is, according to the AFI catalog, a 1921 production, directed by J. A. Barry, starring Katharine MacDonald. Unfortunately, this film seems to be the Mr. Barry’s last work. I don’t know if any print of this film survives, and even the comprehensive Progressive Silent Film List does not list this film. Beginning from DON’T CHANGE YOUR HUSBAND in 1919, there seems to be the streak of HUSBAND/WIFE titles during this period: WHY CHANGE YOUR WIFE?, WHY TRUST YOUR HUSBAND? THE TRUTH ABOUT HUSBANDS etc. According to this ad, this seems to be the story of a suspicious husband and a virtuous wife. Maybe too predictable even for 1921.