Ozu Advised Mizoguchi Not to Make “Sansho the Bailiff”

Yomiuri Newspaper (Evening Edition), November 10, 1952 ‘Three Movie Directors’ Round Table Talk – Yasujiro Ozu, Kenji Mizoguchi, and Hiroshi Shimizu’ Mizoguchi: I have read various stories (from various parts of Japan), and I realized there is a significant difference between the stories from the Pacific coast and those from the Japanese Sea coast. … And from the north part of Japan, there are stories like Sansho the Bailiff, the story of slaves. Slave dealers, slave ships and those things. I am interested in the stories like these. I hope I will extract (something interesting) from such stories and make …

What Are They Eating? – “Ikiru” and “Street of Shame”

– What’s that medicine he’s been taking? – Stomach medicine. He always slurped his noodle bowl to the bottom, but lately, he barely touches it. – Plain noodle soup. In all these years, I’ve never seen him eat anything else.