Out there, in print, or on internet or whatever, there are numerous reviews, writings, essays and books on Kurosawa’s films. Many of them are by professional writers and critics and are well-researched, very thought-provoking. So what else to be added? If I were to write about his masterpieces, will readers get something new or interesting?
Well, I decided to do it anyway. To do so, I will try to avoid usual trap of reiterating plot, filling lines with vocabulary of “quintessential masterpiece” sort or listing information simple googling can provide. My intent here is to share how a Japanese (me) would see these films more than half a century later. To provide historical/cultural perspective which may not be readily available to non-Japanese speaking audience. When I provide such perspective, I will try it as accurately as possible. Also, I have to make them relevant to the time we live in. I will review ten post-war Kurosawa films:

No Regrets for Our Youth
One Wonderful Sunday
Drunken Angel
The Quiet Duel
Stray Dog
Seven Samurai

Stay tuned.