Bitter Lake (2015)

  And I think the same is true of a new kind of journalism that’s emerging, which is not saying, ‘Oh I don’t know anything.’ It’s saying, ‘Well I’m trying and I’m doing my best in this chaotic world.’ – Adam Curtis    When I was working as an engineer in a big manufacturing company, I learned one thing. Senior managers, directors and all the other important people prefer “conciseness”. They want to know problems at hand in short sentences. 3-minute presentations. 1-sheet status reports. 2-line messages. Most of all, they love this one word.  “Everything is Okay.”

Digital Amnesia (2014)

 (You can watch the full movie.) Did you have an account at GeoCities? I am quite sure at least you have visited more than dozens of those sites, – personal blogs or hobby exhibition, or maybe just a few pages of family photos – and probably went on to something else, without even noticing the site was hosted at GeoCities, one of the largest hosting service at the time. In 1999, Yahoo! purchased this thriving service at staggering $3.57 billion, but it turned out to be not as lucrative a business as it had hope to be. Exactly 10 years …