Japanese Bobtail and normal tailed cat. (Wikipedia)

Here, in “Vermillion and One Nights”, most of the articles have been long and serialized. It is my habit to write long, big materials, which tend to end up unorganized.

Well, I decided to write those “capsule reviews” more often. Let those be compact and readable. Three paragraphs maximum. Some of the reviews will not be on Japanese cinema, but I will keep repertoire varied and less cinecon oriented.

I decided to call these reviews “bobtail reviews”, because “capsule reviews” sound too journalistic and professional. “Bobtail” is as in “Japanese Bobtail”, popular cat bleed in U.S. with distinctive short tails (some researchers believe those Japanese Bobtail cats in U.S. are more genetically pure-bred than Japanese domestic cats).

On-going “Films of 1949” will continue, though. Next up is about sexual revolution.