Harvest of War (Part III)

As the war in China escalated day by day, information flow was controlled by the Cabinet Information Department and the Army PR Division. General public didn’t know the massacre in Nanjing, the use of chemical weapons and other inconvenient truths. And there was a complicit relationship between the military and writers.

Ozu Advised Mizoguchi Not to Make “Sansho the Bailiff”

Yomiuri Newspaper (Evening Edition), November 10, 1952 ‘Three Movie Directors’ Round Table Talk – Yasujiro Ozu, Kenji Mizoguchi, and Hiroshi Shimizu’ Mizoguchi: I have read various stories (from various parts of Japan), and I realized there is a significant difference between the stories from the Pacific coast and those from the Japanese Sea coast. … And from the north part of Japan, there are stories like Sansho the Bailiff, the story of slaves. Slave dealers, slave ships and those things. I am interested in the stories like these. I hope I will extract (something interesting) from such stories and make …