Bank Managers and Mistresses (Part 2)

This is part 2 of the ongoing series. Part 1 is here. In postwar Japanese films, you may find many stories of salarymen engaging in various forms of adultery: from flirting with young female coworkers to secretly building a love nest for his lover. Some films used such setup as a motive for crime, others as comedic interludes. Since bank employees, particularly managers, were considered as successful elites in upper crust milieu, some writers and filmmakers thought such an elite could make a good fall guy. Seicho Matsumoto’s novelette “Kanryu (Cold Current)” depicts a middle aged bank manager trapped in …

An Elegant Life of Mr. Everyman (1963)

It was the year 1963. Just one year before Tokyo Olympic. People were pretty much occupied with the economic boom and speed of capitalism. Life is fun. You work and get paid. There are so many fun things in life. Playing sports is fun. Rock and roll music is fun. Spending nights with your friends, your girl or boy, or your family is fun. Or is it?