Sound of War (Part 2)

The aircraft droning noise in Aerograd reminded me of this particularly effective scene from “The North Star (1943, U.S.A.)”, a black sheep of Hollywood propaganda directed by Lewis Milestone. Samuel Goldwyn produced this well-known war film about an Ukrainian village under attack by Nazis, to promote “neighborly” feeling toward the Communist Nation of the Allies.

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Bitter Lake (2015)


And I think the same is true of a new kind of journalism that’s emerging, which is not saying, ‘Oh I don’t know anything.’ It’s saying, ‘Well I’m trying and I’m doing my best in this chaotic world.’
– Adam Curtis


 When I was working as an engineer in a big manufacturing company, I learned one thing. Senior managers, directors and all the other important people prefer “conciseness”. They want to know problems at hand in short sentences. 3-minute presentations. 1-sheet status reports. 2-line messages. Most of all, they love this one word.

 “Everything is Okay.”

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